Our office AO TZES is located in Lixouri on the peninsula of Paliki, at the address Kosma Bourbouli.

The owner Charalambos Aravantinos Tzes with his love for Kefalonia the honesty, the responsibility, the confidentiality and the humor that characterize him created his office with the primary purpose of your absolute service.

If you want to buy a property you can visit our website and search through our list the property you are interested in or visit us to get to know us and together we always advise you to find the property that suits you.
< br> If you want to sell your property you can assign it to us either through our website or via email by sending us all the necessary documents or we visit you, we photograph your property and we immediately start advertising it on our website, in cooperating websites of real estate agencies. at home and abroad, in local newspapers and in the window of our office.

We will be by your side from the first moment until the signing of the contracts and the transfer, we will inform you about all the procedures needed for the purchase or sale of your property.

Have a good stay and a good trip to the dream called Kefalonia.

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